Prospecting with RediNest: Part 1

For many financial advisors, client acquisition is a poorly defined activity - largely consisting of asking existing clients and centres of influence for referrals - and usually done without much structure or process. This is surprising because prospecting is regularly ranked as a top priority among advisors.
May 8, 2017/by Dave Faulkner

Prospecting with RediNest: Part 2

RediNest is a client-facing retirement income calculator that anyone can use to calculate their potential retirement income and compare it to others. After calculating their potential retirement income, prospects will then have the option to connect with a RazorPlan™ advisor to further analyze their situation.
May 8, 2017/by Dave Faulkner

Prospecting with RediNest: Part 3

This post outlines a business development strategy you can use to grow your practice using RediNest. Activities are recommended on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and can be implemented by yourself, your administrative support staff or external contractors.
May 8, 2017/by Dave Faulkner

Do Human Advisor Fees Offer More Value Than Robo-Advisor Fees?

In February, I published an article on ADVISOR.CA titled “Do Human Advisor Fees Offer More Value Than Robo-Advisor Fees?” In it, I examined the claim that using a robo-advisor can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your investment when compared to the higher fees charged by many human advisors.
April 7, 2017/by Dave Faulkner

CRM2: Uncovering the Full Story

By the time Canadians read their new CRM2 statements, they will learn the cost of advice and fees, and the performance of their investments. But are they getting the whole story? In most cases, for fees in particular, it is only half the story.
February 1, 2017/by Grant Hicks CIM

RazorPlan’s simplicity can make you a better and more referable advisor

The key to creating effective financial planning software is to understand how advisors use it. So, we set out to talk to advisors who are actively using RazorPlan in their practices and asked them how it was helping them.
December 15, 2016/by Jay Palter