Small Business Taxation

It has been two weeks since the Federal government announced, over lunch at the Pastaggio Italian Eatery, changes to the small-business tax rate from 10.5% to 9% by 2019. This change in the small business tax rate is a campaign promise that has been accelerated because of the backlash the Federal government felt over the small business tax changes proposed on July 18th, 2017. 

Do Human Advisor Fees Offer More Value Than Robo-Advisor Fees?

In February, I published an article on ADVISOR.CA titled “Do Human Advisor Fees Offer More Value Than Robo-Advisor Fees?” In it, I examined the claim that using a robo-advisor can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your investment when compared to the higher fees charged by many human advisors.

Savings and Retirement Projections

A new user recently told me a story about how he used RazorPlan during a recent appointment to win a new client. Here’s the story…

4 Common Support Questions

At RazorPlan support we look to provide the assistance needed to not only understand RazorPlan software, but also the client files you are working with.

5 Data Entry Tips For Better Plans

The biggest variable for any software program is the data entered. Even small discrepancies in client data can result in large variations in the output.