RazorPlan Integration into Nest Wealth

RazorPlan is now more deeply integrated with Nest Wealth. We are creating more seamless ways for Nest Wealth and RazorPlan advisors to use both systems in tandem to add more value to their clients and gain greater control of that client’s assets.

This post walks you through the different pieces of the new integration.

How does it work


Active RazorPlan Advisors will need to have a Nest Wealth Advisor account with active clients to take advantage of the new integration.

Don’t have a Nest Wealth Advisor account? Click here to learn more about Nest Wealth for financial advisors.

Connect RazorPlan Account with Nest Wealth Account

For RazorPlan Advisors, you will see on the RazorPlan home page a new panel to connect their Nest Wealth Account.

Clicking on “Link My Accounts” will prompt you for your Nest Wealth advisor email and password.

Upon entering your valid credentials, you will see your account is synced.

Launching Nest Wealth

Once you have connected your Nest Wealth Profile, you can click to quickly and easily access your Nest Wealth account. This will open a new tab for Nest Wealth, but not require you to sign in with your Nest Wealth Credentials again since they are now synced with RazorPlan.

Client Management

We have introduced a new tab on the Home screen called Client Management. Here, you can pull in your clients from Nest Wealth to view their client details, and associate those clients with files within RazorPlan.

To view your client list, authenticate your profile. This will prompt you for your Nest Wealth Advisor Account. Each time you sign into RazorPlan and wish to see your Nest Wealth client list, you will need to authenticate your profile.

Upon entering your valid credentials, you will see your Nest Wealth client list populate.

Inviting Clients

There are two ways to invite clients to create Nest Wealth accounts.

  1. From the Client Management screen, once you have authenticated your profile, you will see an Invite Client button at the top of the client table. Clicking this button will redirect you to Nest Wealth where you can click on the Invite button to invite your clients to Nest Wealth. Once the client has completed onboarding, they will display in the Client table in RazorPlan.

  1. From the charting view on a given client file, you will see a new section in the What If panel for Nest Wealth accounts. You can either Invite a Client who currently does not have a linked Nest Wealth account in RazorPlan or open an Additional Account for clients who do have a linked Nest Wealth Account in RazorPlan.

Viewing Client

From the Client Management Page, once you have clients to view, you will see an option to view the client.

When you click to view the client, you’ll see the client’s details.

You will also have tabs to view their Nest Wealth accounts and their balances.

Finally, you will also see the RazorPlan files associated with the client. You can also assign and unassign files to clients from this view.

Assigning Files

Assigning a file can be done from the Client Management view by clicking on Assign File on one of your Nest Wealth clients.

Find the file that you would like to assign to the chosen client and click Assign File.

If the client file is a Joint Plan, then you will need to choose whether to assign the client as the Client or the Spouse.

Once assigned, you will see a success popup message.

When you return to the Client Management screen, you will see that a file is now assigned to the client.

Client Assets Added to File Data Entry

Once a client is assigned to a file, you will see the Nest Wealth assets for that client added to the Data Entry screens.

You can click Edit to view more details about the specific accounts that are included, where you can remove the amount, or choose to include or not include in the financial analysis.

Syncing Client Accounts from Nest Wealth

Once you have synced a client to a client file, you will need to sync their account values from Nest Wealth when you desire. Syncing a client’s Nest Wealth account balances can happen from the RazorPlan file view or from the Client Management > View Client view.

You will be asked for confirmation upon clicking to sync the Nest Wealth accounts.

Finally, you will get a success confirmation once the accounts as synced from Nest Wealth for that given client.

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