Razor Leads: Client Acquisition Tool

Razor Leads is a feature of the RazorPlan program that can be used to touch base with existing clients and introduce the planning process to prospective clients.
April 30, 2020/by Mike Howe

Advisor Survival Guide

When markets become volatile, advisors need to be proactive in their client communications. Taking control of the narrative clients are hearing is important because there are numerous sources of information that are bombarding your clients at this time.
March 19, 2020/by Mike Howe

Cash Flow Planning – Beyond Budgeting

Razorplan has always tracked the client's retirement cash flow, now you can also track their pre-retirement lifestyle and plan their cash flow. For clients that are still in the accumulation phase of their life and are planning for their retirement, putting together a pre-retirement cash flow plan goes beyond budgeting
March 2, 2020/by Mike Howe

RazorPlan Plus – An Overview

With the release of RazorPlan Plus some powerful new features were added. This video demonstrates these new features and gives you an idea of the power of RazorPlan Plus.
June 12, 2019/by Mike Howe

RazorPlan CEO on Joining Nest Wealth

Our common vision is to continue to support both technologies as independent platforms as they currently are, in addition to an integrated solution.
May 16, 2019/by Mike Howe

New Feature: Report Customization

By design all RazorPlan reports are very graphical, In the latest version of the program key graphics in the report can now be edited to better suit your needs. In addition to the report logo, which was already customizable, the ability to change two graphic areas of RazorPlan reports has been added.
May 9, 2019/by Mike Howe