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When markets become volatile, advisors need to be proactive in their client communications. Taking control of the narrative clients are hearing is important because there are numerous sources of information that are bombarding your clients at this time. However, when you and your clients cannot meet face to face how do you control that narrative?

RazorPlan has put together a series of videos and resources that advisors can use to help their business survive and thrive while working remotely or from home.

Work From Home with Zoom

Using RazorPlan to Discuss Volatility with Clients

Other Resources

Work From Home with Zoom

Having access to virtual meeting room is a great way to stay connected with your clients and deliver your message to them without needing to be in the same room. Programs like Zoom are free, easy to use for both the presenter and the attendees and highly effective. Below we have provided some links to help you get setup with a free Zoom account.

Zoom Security Warning

With the increase usage of Zoom to stay connected there have also been an series of “Zoombombing” incidents. The security and privacy of a zoom meeting is under the host’s control. Here are some tip to help you keep your meetings under control.
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Signing up for Zoom

Schedule a Meeting in Zoom

Sharing you Screen in Zoom

How to Use RazorPlan to Discuss Volatility

Once you get setup to communicate with clients virtually, You need to have a message to discuss with clients. When markets are volatile most advisors want to talk to clients about staying the courses. The videos below show how RazorPlan can be used to deliver messages that help client stay the course when the markets become turbulent:

Using Random Returns for Working Clients

Using a married working couple in their peak savings years, this video demonstrate using random returns modeling to discuss the impact of volatility.

ASG: Random Returns Working Clients

Using Random Returns for Retired Clients

Retired clients are most susceptible to volatile markets, this video show you how to use RazorPlan to discuss market volatility with your retired clients.

ASG: Random Returns Retired Clients

Using Historical Returns for Working Clients

Historical returns are a great way to show how markets handled past volatility. This videos demonstrates using RazorPlan to show a working couple the impact historical returns will have on their financial plans.

Using Historical Returns for Retired Clients

See how to use the historical returns feature of RazorPlan to discuss market volatility with clients that are already retired.

Using Custom Rates of Return

RazorPlan gives advisors the ability to customize rates of returns sequences. This feature lets you demonstrate the performance of any portfolio for up to a 60 year period.

Other Resources

Financial advisors have many resources at their fingertips when they need to provide clients with information that will help build their relationship and show clients the value of having an advisor.

Below are a few of those resources:

Call Your Clients – An article by Ellen Bessner about contacting your client with a nice checklist of topics to talk to them about.

Remote Work Starter Guide – For advisors who are grappling with their new remote reality, here are five tips to implement straight away in your journey to acclimate.

People Practices and Ops for COVID-19 – Strategies and best practices for employers in managing COVID-19.

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan – Support for Canadians and Businesses.

Banks Offer Relief – Banks to offer financial relief to clients affected by COVID-19.

Changes to RRIF Withdrawals – Federal government ease minimum RRIF withdrawals as part of pandemic response.

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