Gathering Client Data

Data gathering is one of the most important steps in any financial analysis. To assist with this process, the RazorPlan Fact Finder was created as a fillable PDF document designed to mirror the data entry wizard within RazorPlan.

Click here to load the RazorPlan Fact Finder. The Fact Finder is also available from the home screen of the RazorPlan software.

Application Worksheets

When working with a RazorPlan Applications, data worksheets are available to further assist in data gathering. These worksheets are designed as fillable PDF documents and will assist advisors with gathering client information during or prior to their meetings, saving the advisor time and energy. This is particularly handy in single-needs discussions when larger planning discussions are unnecessary.

You can access the Application Worksheets from the RazorPlan User Guide through the links below.

Budget Planner
Life Insurance Needs
Debt Planner 
Financial Goals
Return On Investment (ROI)
RESP Planner

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  1. Robert Dunlop
    Robert Dunlop says:

    The fillable PDF fact finder is great and simple to use – BUT – if you don’t have a PDF writer (which is most people) then the form can’t be completed, saved and emailed back to the advisor…

    Here’s a suggestion: could this form converted into a web-form format so we could send our client a link to the form, get them to hit a submit button and then have the form data imported to a new or existing client Razor file? Or even just emailed to the advisor to input into The Razor?


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