When Should you Engage a Financial Planner?

By Dave Faulkner   March 29, 2018

With the rise of online investment and tax software, it is becoming easier to simply make an RRSP contribution in February and then file your tax return in April to get the refund. RRSP contributions and tax refunds are just a part of your overall financial situation – doing these basics as efficiently as possible won’t guarantee you success. When it comes to financial planning advice there are many situations where the savings offered by technology cannot replace the value provided by a financial professional.

Most of us will find ourselves in at least one of these positions at some point. For six situations you should consider, read the full article at davefaulkner.ca or view and download the PDF by clicking the thumbnail below.

Engage a Financial Planner

As a financial professional you may want to use this document in your own marketing materials, we have also provided a Microsoft Word version of this articles that you can edit and brand as you see fit.

Click Here to Download.

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